Strategic CFO Advisors provides a full-suite of CFO-level services to a wide-assortment of companies, whether they are early-stage, family owned, or backed by private equity.


Forecasting and Budgeting
We assess all of the key drivers of the business and produce a forecast that is grounded in reality.  While we get into the all the details to produce a well thought-out forecast, we also look at it from a high level to give the key points so you can avoid getting stuck in the weeds.


Cash Flow Forecasting
At the end of the day, cash is king.  Always knowing your current and near-term liquidity outlook is paramount to successfully managing a business.  By continually keeping a close eye on cash flow, any hurdles can be avoided entirely or navigated skillfully.


Financial Reporting
We are diligent in implementing reporting that is timely, focused, and quick to prepare.  Reporting can take many forms, and it should always strive to find a balance between available resources and business impact.  Standard reporting should include daily or weekly flash reports, sales reports that drive insight, and a comprehensive monthly financial package.


Profitability Improvements
We are experienced at evaluating organizations from many different perspectives to find opportunities to improve profitability. Various ways of looking at the profitability of a business include: by customer, by product, zero-based budgeting, facility consolidations, production scheduling, and operational adjustments.


Managing relationships with investors and lenders
We can be another point of contact, or even the primary contact, with key stakeholders.  If it seems like they speak a different language, they might, but it's one that we understand.  We are familiar with their needs and can act as the conduit for information flow. We also have experience in helping to manage relationships with key customers and vendors.


We understand that sometimes a company and its lender need to separate. We can manage this entire process, minimizing the disruption to the company's day-to-day operations. This starts with understanding the business and reviewing the forecast to ascertain the liquidity needs of the organization. Next, an information package is prepared to highlight the business, its present and future financial position, as well as funding requirements. Offers are solicited from financial institutions, and once a favorable deal is identified with a new partner, the transaction is finalized after all due diligence is completed.


Oversight of accounting and finance personnel
We can provide the appropriate level of management to ensure that this group thrives within the organization.  Through the establishment of the right metrics and training, this area can work semi-independently.


Acquisition Due Diligence
We approach due diligence assignments with two goals in mind: 1) making sure the buyer is thoroughly informed about the potential financial risk, and 2) that they do not overpay for an asset. We tear apart the numbers to truly understand what the profitability and cash flow looks like on a pro forma basis. We also assess the quality of the assets to determine which ones are good and which ones are troubled.


Interim Executive Management
We can step into an interim role to act as part of the executive team, bringing our wealth of experience until a permanent candidate is hired.